Sports is not just about supporting your favourite team or player, it is also a method of expression. At Soapbaux, we aim to voice out strong opinions about the events on and off the field.

Samar Devraj and Atharva Raje

27 December 2020

Edinson Cavani’s heated outburst with Yerry Mina in midweek’s EFL cup fixture has raised several questions on the non uniform application of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in all competitions. However, VAR’s turbulent advent in the footballing world makes fans indecisive of its potency. Join Samar and Atharva who’ll discuss VAR’s potential improvements that will help scale its effectiveness.

Manan Sanghavi and Adi Raghavan

7 January 2021

The Gentleman’s game is at a crossroads, at the center of which is the advent of technology. Be it the intricacies of umpiring to pre-match planning, each and every team strives to efficiently use the technological resources they can. At what cost does cricket march to the 21st century? Is the game ready for these transformations? Manan and Adi explore the nuances of umpiring and team selection in a techno-centric future.

Adi Raghavan & Parv Maheshwari

5 February 2021

In the 21st century, A myriad of information is available in your pocket, and NBA quality training is supposedly no different. The NBA is fervently striving to adapt to them demands of technology and artificial intelligence, but can these apps pick up the demand? Parv and Adi aim to understand the efficacy of AI-powered coaching solutions and their place in basketball today.

Samar Devraj and Atharva Raje

1 March 2021

The Black Lives Matter movement has encouraged large football leagues to kickstart campaigns which take a public stand against racism. While these campaigns have promoted the right message, we still see instances of visible racial inequality in football even a season later. This raises the question of whether these seemingly-passive campaigns have had any positive impact on the social issue in football at all. Join Samar and Atharva, who’ll discuss the effectiveness of activism in football, and how these campaigns can be altered in order to put an end to racism, correctly, in the beautiful game.

Adi Raghavan & Parv Maheshwari

12 March 2021

The new NBA is a league that isn’t afraid to take a stand on political issues. Their players are community leaders that question politicians and demand accountability, taking the extra step that most celebrities stop at. However, the NBA does have a stopping point- the second their activism might threaten their pockets. Where does the buck stop for the league’s commitment to social justice?