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The Scientific Community and the Technology Industry is often inspired by science fiction. At Soapbaux, we strive to make crazy developments around us relatable for common people.

Neel Amonkar

24 December 2020

Emulation is often seen as a domain of purists recreating bygone eras of gaming, but it's also a way of experiencing the past firsthand. Its merits have been questioned in the old Art vs Commerce debate... but what does that look like in today's world? And what could it mean for the future?

24 December 2020

Pranshu Srivastava

 Programming is a skill that anyone can learn irrespective of their age, and only depends on one's openness to the idea of learning something new. But can we use it to save the world? Will you personally gain anything from learning programming?

Mayank Gupta

24 December 2020

As a trending topic in early 2020, WW III shed light on the biggest problem man has ever faced. Humanity is at a stage where it has the power to dictate its fate - either disappear from the face of the universe or strive to accomplish the impossible. Either way, we need to know our options.

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