Psychology enables the understanding of the body and of the mind, and in times like these, it is critical that we are more in tune with ourselves. This department provides insight into the intricacies of human thinking, in the hopes that you can understand something about yourself.


Jaahnvi Krishnamurthy

Social media is training us to have low attention spans. Only you can help yourself come out

of this dopamine-driven cycle. What choice will you make?

Parents are the single largest influence on their adolescents' decisions about sex, and parents
underestimate the impact they have on their choices. It is essential that they understand their

24 December 2020

24 December 2020

24 December 2020

Self-hatred is something we’ve all felt at some point in our life, maybe even for extended

amounts of periods. And it’s okay to struggle and feel lost. Heal at your own pace and just

remember that there will be ups and downs, even after you think you’re doing fine, and that’s okay.

Krisha Janaswamy

11 Febuary 2021

It is important to understand your attachment style to have successful relationships. Our adult attachment styles are formed from our childhood. This article explores the role of caregivers in forming attachment styles and explains each one in-depth.


Nishita Bajaj

26 January 2021

"You must let go of the illusion of your control."

 ~ Master Oogway

However, what happens when our illusions start controlling us? What happens when our imagination goes out of control?

Criminal Psychology

A 4 Part Series Exploring Crime And The Minds Behind It

Part 2 Out On 04/03/202

Part 3 Out On 11/03/202

Part 4 Out On 18/03/202

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