Political participation is the lifeblood of democracy, and its importance is amplified among the youth. We want to encourage this generation to become more politically active even if being "political" seems more stigmatised than ever.

Mahek Bhatia

24 December 2020

Hillary Clinton’s political career has been a tumultuous one, from her days as First Lady to her unsuccessful presidential bid. Mahek Bhatia navigates Clinton’s legacy in American politics, one that is divided between scandal and progress.

Aishwarya Potdar

24 December 2020

The nation is divided over the Modi government’s Farmer bill. While the Prime Minister promises reform to the waning Agricultural sector, farmers are criticizing the potential for corporate takeover. Aishwarya Potdar sets the record straight.


Madhumayi Bhongade

24 December 2020

The government guarantees us the right to information, and democracy promises us the right to question them. Madhumayi Bhongade breaks down the government’s attempts to enforce this right, and whether transparency can still be a reality.

Rushikesh Sude

24 December 2020

The United States is more polarized than ever, with both parties losing any commonality for compromise.  Rushikesh Sude looks at the phenomenon of asymmetrical polarization, and how it further inhibits the survival of American democracy.

Pratham Shah

24 December 2020

The Supreme Court in our country is mired in controversy after controversy, and is afforded powers beyond the scope of its counterparts. As many of the citizens continue to ignore the third branch of our government, Pratham Shah explains the problems with the judiciary.

Akshaya Krishnan

24 December 2020

Climate Change reform has been politicized and debated for years, and citizens might be losing sight of the stakes. As the clock ticks in Time Square, Akshaya Krishnan elucidates the steps to stop the Earth’s suffering.

Qutubkhan Currimji

As President-Elect Biden’s promise of normalcy sweeps over the current of American government, Qutubkhan Currimji takes a look at how Indo-American relations might change.

24 December 2020

Ishika Sheth

A growing superpower, a nation leading to world domination and a two-faced neighbour. Ishika Sheth takes a hard look at Indo-China relations, and the potential ramifications of a clash.

24 December 2020

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