Love Me Do

Suhani Hirpara

Vedika Basu

Love. A word that makes your heart flutter. A word that makes you see the world through rose-

tinted glasses. Love, to some, is a feeling of satisfaction and completeness. While to others, it is a

feeling of passion and affection- a pure connection between souls. This connection is felt by each

one of us. Love does not only have to be between two soul mates, but it can also be between two

friends, between a mother and daughter, between siblings. All that we need is someone to love.

Besides, love is a unique feeling to all. Similarly, the way people express this feeling towards

one another is also unique. While some express it through words, others express it through

actions. Besides, there is no one right way of expressing love- there are many different love


Love language is vital because it is a way to express your appreciation and love towards your

loved one. Besides, each of us has emotional needs; thus, it is essential to know your love

language to facilitate communication between one another. It is essential to express your love,

but it is also vital to understand how your partner expresses their love. This unique thinking of

different love languages was encouraged by Dr Gary Chapman through his book of "The 5 love

languages". In this book, Dr Chapman explored the different types of love languages that people

express and receive, yet fail to understand:

Words of Affirmation

Some individuals prefer to use words to express their feelings. They usually give verbal

compliments to show their appreciation of one another. For people who use this type of love

language, words of affirmation mean a lot to them. They can easily be uplifted by a simple "I

love you". However, they can also easily get hurt by negative words. It is important to know if

your partner's primary love language is this one. Your partner will always appreciate your words

of appreciation compared to your actions.

Acts of Service

While words are one way to express love, some individuals prefer actions over words. These

people believe in acts of service wherein love is expressed through little things. These actions

could include cooking a meal for your loved one or helping them with their office work. People

with this love language would appreciate actions more than words. Doing these actions

spontaneously makes them meaningful to your loved one- since they are not expected.

Receiving Gifts

Furthermore, some people might need more overt signs and an expression of love. This mainly

includes giving and receiving gifts. Your partner will appreciate gifts because, for them, it is the

best way to express love. Gifts can include bringing their favourite flowers or comfort food.

Besides, some individuals enjoy giving gifts too, if your partner showers you with numerous

presents- this is the type of love language they prefer. This does not mean that they enjoy the

materialistic things, but they appreciate the act of giving gifts.

Quality Time

Additionally, while words of affirmation, acts of service and receiving gifts portray love, other

people simply prefer spending time with their loved ones. For them, spending quality time with

their partner is of utmost importance. Giving the loved one your time and undivided attention

every other day can express love for them. This can include going to dates or simply watching

TV together at home. Time is essential in everyone's lives; thus, when you provide your loved

one with quality time- it makes them feel appreciated. Simultaneously, their sentiments can be

hurt if you postpone or cancel your time together because they feel that other activities are more

important than spending time with them.

Physical Touch

Lastly, above all things, some people are most impacted by their loved one's physical touch. This

could include hugging, kissing or merely holding hands. These people prefer physical touch over

gifts, words and other actions. Being physically close to their loved one makes them feel

emotionally connected to them. Everyone, at some point, needs this kind of intimacy and

interaction with their loved one. However, those who have physical touch as their primary

language prefer this above every other expression of love. Thus, the lack of touch can make them

feel unloved and unappreciated.

Every relationship works based on expression and communication. Every relationship is unique

and distinctive- thus, it is essential to understand the importance of love language in your relationship. Understanding how your loved one expresses their love can help you create a strong bond with one another. Lastly, there is nothing wrong with expressing love in a way that has not been normalised by society. There is no one right manual to understand the expression of love. Expression is about feeling a connection like no other. As long as your loved one understands the

love you give and receive.