Noopur Rajguru

24 February 2021

2020 being spent in the pandemic was a convoluted year for fashion. The business endured in 2020, the New York Times calling it “the industry’s worst year in history.” Yet, thinking about a clothing item that could win that year, it would be sweatpants, whose deals expanded by 80% by April while other attire deals fell 79%. Subsequent to being known as the sweatpants season the originators at long last had a rebound with the style weeks.

Krisha Janaswamy

19 February 2021

We all like to believe that we’re so different from each other. Further in terms of the way we look, the way we speak. We’re certainly different in all things concerned with caring for children. One might think that the Western style of ‘soft’ parenting is much better than the Eastern style of ‘strict’ parenting or the one seen in hunter-gatherer communities.

But which one helps in the development of more secure children?

Suhani Hirpara

26 February 2021

Illustration2_TED Talks_Psychology (2).P

Have you ever wondered what makes people tick? Many things influence people to become the humans they are today. All over the world, we have extraordinary, intellectual minds, but at the same time, we have sinister ones. The ones that do not fall into our definition of 'normal'; the ones that commit heinous crimes without a motive. It is easy to think of them as evil by nature, but the cold truth is that they are not. 


Suhani Hirpara

Like any other language, the language of love is unique. Do you think that your expression of love is different from others?

Sometimes, people express love in different ways. Sometimes, expressing love is not enough. We have to understand the art of expressing love.

4 February 2021

Mahek Bhatia

19 January 2021

It was 1952. As the fervour of World War Two settled and a new world started to form, India had announced the results of its first General Election. Congress had a sweeping victory with 75% of the Lok Sabha seats. However, the second leading party was not a right-wing institution. As the dust settled, all that was left was the Communist Party of India.  How did this former heavyweight falter to a silent ideology with feeble leadership? What is the fate of the red flag in today's India?


Adi Raghavan & Parv Maheshwari

5 Februrary 2021

Every fan dribbling on the playground dreams of shooting like an NBA star, a dream which is rapidly coming into fruition. With technology diffusing through every circle of the sport, the next innovation is in coaching. The pandemic has elucidated the need for easily accessible coaching solutions, and the field of Artificial Intelligence is picking up the challenge. Is there merit to virtual, automated coaching solutions?

How can the scouting and coaching sectors of basketball adapt to the advent of technology? Is it remotely feasible for an AI app to replace a quality coach?

Criminal Psychology

A 4 Part Series Exploring Crime And The Minds Behind It

Part 2 Out On 04/03/2021

Part 3 Out On 11/03/2021

Part 4 Out On 18/03/2021

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Fusion of Sports and Tech

Credit: ESPN CricInfo

The Gentleman’s game is at a crossroads, at the center of which is the advent of technology. Be it the intricacies of umpiring to pre-match planning, each and every team strives to efficiently use the technological resources they can. At what cost does cricket march to the 21st century? Is the game ready for these transformations? Manan and Adi explore the nuances of umpiring and team selection in a techno-centric future.

Manan Sanghavi and Adi Raghavan

7 January 2021

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