Géraud-Jérôme Régimbal (Gerard Jerome Regimbal) was born on October 31st in the year 1717 in Condat, Clermont,
Auvergne, France which is about 240 miles from Paris. He was the son of Antoine and the grandson of Jean
Regimbal.  He sailed to New France and arrived in Quebec aboard the ship Dauphin on April 22, 1749.  In 1762 in the
village of St-Louis-de-Terrebonne, County Terrebonne, he met and married Marie-Angelique Rancourt (aka Rancoeur).
They had 3 children before Angelique died in 1767.

Géraud remarried in August of 1770. His second wife was Marie-Louise Audet dit Lapointe, daughter of Louis Audet dit
Lapointe and Marie-Genevieve Rondeau. Together they would have 14 children over the span of 24 years. Their sixth
child was born in 1778. Pierre Regimbal came to be known by the surname, Regimbal dit Jerome, an acknowledgement of
his father's status as the family's first Canadian-French generation. In 1802, he married Marie-Appolline Desjardins in
Ste-Therese, County Terrebonne.

Dating from 1789, the parish of Sainte-Therese and the surrounding community was named for Therese de Blainville,
daughter of the seignior who made the first land grants for it about 1730. Ste Therese and all the villages of our
Regimbal ancestors in 'Nouvelle-France' were within a short distance of the Ile de Montreal.

The second child of Pierre and Marie-Louise continued the name Pierre Regimbal dit Jerome. He was born in late 1804 in
Ste-Therese and on the 3rd of October, 1831 he married then 21 year old Scholastique, the daughter of  Pierre
Payet  dit St Amour and Madeleine Therien. Scholastique and Pierre Regimbal were second cousins. She was rumored by
her descendants to be half native Indian, or Metis (pronounced, may-tee) as noted in this excerpt from a memorial article
on the life of Sister Reda Perrault, daughter of Alberic Perrault and Salome (Mamie) Regimbal:

    "All her life, Reda continued to enjoy the outdoors. With a twinkle in her eye, she declared, "I know that I am one-
    sixteenth Indian – way back several generations – and I secretly harbor the thought that this heritage is part of
    my great love for nature." ~Spring 2003 issue, Sisters of Providence publication, Caritas

Reda may have been referring to Scholastique Payette, but her mother was Madeleine Therien whose full
French heritage has been documented: see the Therrien pedigree chart. Another theory is that she meant an ancestor
on the Perrault side. But it is most likely that, if someone says they have a half-native grandmother, it is a myth. If it was
true, wouldn't they instead name the great grandmother and attribute to her the full-Indian heritage?

Dominique Ritchot, a genealogy researcher on the Payette line and other close relatives from Ste-Therese de Blainville,
County Terrebonne, said this: "I've worked both lines on five generations and there is no trace of Native ancestry. It is
probably because she is another case of the 'Indian grandmother legend', which is quite common in French-Canadian
families, especially from people whose ancestors lived in areas with strong Native presence."

Pierre was a baker by trade unlike his father and brothers who were farmers. He and Scholastique made their home in
Montreal (Notre Dame) where sadly their first child, Pierre died shortly after his birth in 1832.

Three more children, Pierre II, Henriette and Joseph were also born in Montreal before the couple moved to Riguad in
1836. Emilie was born there in 1837, Lucie in 1839. Adolphe was born in St-Louis-de-Gonzague in 1841 and baptised at
St-Clement, as was Charles in 1843.

Philomene was born in 1846 and baptised a few miles from her home in St-Timothee.  She died in 1848. Francois was
born in 1848; Arslie in 1850. Young Adolphe died in 1851 as the result of a medical operation to remove stones from his
bladder. Stanislas came next, in 1852, but he would only live a month.

Fabien was born in 1853. The Regimbal's thirteenth and last child, Moise 'Mose' was born in 1855.

During the later part of the 1800's, the Canadian Government told the heads of families that they could no longer carry
two last names and that they had to drop one. Brothers Pierre, Joseph and Francois kept the Jerome part of the "dit"
name, while Charles, Fabien and Moise chose to remain Regimbal; Charles eventually altering the spelling to Regeimbal.

Pierre senior died in 1873 in the village of St-Louis-de-Gonzague. Son, Fabien Regimbal married Salome Laberge
there on January 27, 1875. The couple's first child Sara was born at their home in St-Justine-De-Newton in November.

Pierre Bottineau (1817~1895) an explorer of the Washington, Minnesota and Dakota territories, was a guide and
surveyor for the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1876. He travelled to St Paul and brought 119 early French
Canadian settlers to found the towns of Red Lake Falls and Gentilly, Minnesota. They came by wagon train. In 1878 he
journeyed to Quebec to encourage more French Canadian settlers to emigrate to the area.

In 1882 Fabien, Salome (nicknamed Mamie) and their four children migrated south with other family including their
mother, Scholastique, following the path of their neighbors to Minnesota. They settled in the town of Crookston, eight
miles west of Gentilly and all became naturalized citizens of the United States in 1884. In 1887, Scholastique died in
Crookston. She is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, now called St. Peter's Cemetery, near Gentilly, MN.

Seven more children were born to the couple in Minnesota. In March of 1894, daughter Sara, then age 19, met and
married Hilaire Fortier, who was born in Dorchester near St-Malachie Quebec in 1866. Their first child, my grandfather
Avilla, was born in Gentilly, Minnesota in October of 1895.  

Meanwhile in Washington State, the Northern Pacific, Kittitas and Yakima Irrigation Company, formed by investors
from St Paul, Minnesota, brought water to the arid Yakima Valley from the Yakima River via the Sunnyside Canal,
completing the project in 1892. Investors Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the first president of The National Geographic
Society and his son-in-law, Alexander Graham Bell also co-owned the Moxee Company, a ranch development in the
Moxee Valley.

With access to water assured, a campaign was launched to promote the area and advertisements for ranch size lots at
reasonable prices piqued the interest of the citizens of the Midwest town of Crookston, Minnesota. The irresistible offer
included subsidized travel and moving expenses paid for by the Moxee Co and the Northern Pacific Railroad.

"On Nov. 13, 1897 several families left Crookston in a big emigrant railroad car and two other cars carrying their furniture
and cattle. They were headed West to Washington State. None of the French Canadians could speak a word of English."

"The families were Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gamache and their 8 children, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Sauve and their 8 children, Mr. &
Mrs. Peter Dulude and their 4 children, Mr. & Mrs. Fabien Regimbal and 8 of their children; Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Dumas
and their three children, Mr. & Mrs. Hilaire Fortier and their 2 children, Mr. Wilfred Riel and his mother and sister,
Mr. Steve Patnode, Mr. Charles Trepanier, Mr. Toussaint, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Houle, Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Simon."

"Matt Bartholet met the train in Yakima and brought them to Moxee, where they shared homes with the Langevins."

"Avilla was 2 years old and his sister Georgianna was 5 months old when they left Minnesota on the train.  Can you
imagine one box car full of people coming all that way to Washington State? I wonder how long it took them and how
often they stopped. There was a lot of children. It must have been bedlam." [

According to notes, the trip took over 48 hours. The children of the immigrant settlers came to be known as the Boxcar
Babies of Moxee.

Fabien and Salome Regimbal settled in North Yakima [
2]* on November 15, 1897 with son Edmond (17);
daughter Olivine (16); daughter Desneige (14); son Xavier (12); son Ernest (10); daughter Salome (8); son Clement (6)
and daughter Lorie (2). They moved to Artesian District, 12 miles east of North Yakima, on January 15, 1898, where in
September their 12th child, Stella was born. Son Aime was born there in 1900 and their last child, daughter Olympe in
1902. In 1907, the Regimbals moved a short distance to the new Moxee City [
3]* in Yakima County, Washington.

Around 1910 Fabien and Salome moved back to North Yakima after they purchased a grocery store from brothers Fred
and Eldege Mailloux.  
F Regimbal & Son was located four doors east of the Lund Building on Yakima Avenue and was
managed by Fabien's oldest son, (Fabien) F. Louis. Today the site is an open
parking lot for a Chinese Buffet restaurant.

Avilla Fortier was employed by his grandfather Fabien senior as a salesman when he registered for the draft on
June 5th, 1917 at the age of 21. Fabien sold the store shortly after both F. Louis and Avilla left Yakima to fight overseas
during WW I and he and Salome moved back to Moxee, spending their retirement years in their former home.

Two of Fabien and Salome's daughters became nuns: Olivine with the Sisters of Providence, and Desneige with the
Sisters of Charity of Providence. As a young girl, Desneige boarded at and attended St. Joseph's Academy on Naches
Avenue in Yakima. She took her vows there at the age of 17 in 1901 to become Sister Joanna.  She was assistant to the
supervisor and the bookkeeper for St. Mary's Hospital in Walla Walla, Washington in 1920.

Fabien's son, Clement was called to the priesthood. He was ordained in 1914. "In August, 1920, Avilla Fortier married
Muriel Hutchings of Yakima. They were wed at St. Martin's J̶e̶s̶u̶i̶t̶s̶ {Benedictine} College in Lacey, Washington by Avilla's
uncle, Father Clement Regimbal OSB. They were the first couple ever married there. I think this is interesting." ~Grace
Fortier {correction 04 Feb 2013 - thanks to Susan H.}

After the War, F. Louis Regimbal made his living as a general farmer in Moxee City.

Regimbal Catholic Vocations [

Fr Clement Regimbal OSB    (uncle of Avilla Fortier, ordained 11-Jul-1914 Lacey, WA)
Sr Ethelreda FCSP               (Olivine Regimbal)
Sr Joanna SP                       (Desneige Regimbal)
Sr Mary Emily Roy FCSP       (Emma Marie Roy, daughter of Louis Roy and Anna Regimbal)
Fr Clement H Regimbal OSB (son of Xavier, nephew of Clement, brother of Alice Louise, ordained 16-Jun-1945 Lacey, WA)
Sr Ann Clementine FCSP      (Alice Louise Regimbal, sister of Clement H)
Sr Virginia Marie FCSP          (Dorothy Marie Regimbal, vows 19-Nov-1929 Mount St Vincent, Seattle, Wa)
Fr Daniel A Regimbal OSB     (brother of Virginia Marie & son of Edmond, ordained 11-Jul-1937 Lacey, WA)
Sr Ann Regimbal
Sr Cecelia Regimbal
Sr Bernice Marie SP              (Florence Perrault)
Sr Bernard Maria SP             (Yvonne Perrault)
Sr Beatrice Ann SP               (aka Sister Reda, Ethelreda Perrault)
    entered academy in 1935; vows in 1939; retired in 1987 to St. Joseph Residence, Seattle
Minnesota Cemetery Records

Section 20 - 5 miles E of Crookston Township on County Hwy 11

Regeimbal, Scholastique: 1805 - 1887 Plot 95 [Note: Regeimbal was how her son, Charles & his descendants spelled it]
Regeimbal, Charles: 1844 - 1927 (son of Pierre Regimbal & Scholastique)
Regeimbal, Olivine [Dubuque]: 1849 - 1944 (2nd spouse of Charles Regeimbal)

Washington Cemetery Records - highlighted given names link to a photo of a head stone or marker

HOLY ROSARY CEMETERY - Moxee City, Yakima County, Washington

Holy Rosary Cemetery is located six miles east of Yakima a little ways past Moxee. Turn at exit "34 East" off I-82 then
drive on highway 24 for six miles. Look for a yellow intersection sign on the right: "
Holy Rosary Cemetery Rd".  Turn left
(north) onto the black gravel road and drive 8th mile to the
entrance. It is a well maintained and lovely setting.

Aime: 01 Jan 1900 - 18 May 1946 ("Peter", spouse of Viola Beaudry)
Viola [Beaudry]: 25 Oct 1903 - 03 May 1971 (spouse of Aime)
Patrick Aime: 1931 - 07-Sep-1945 (son of Aime & Viola)
Michael F: 20 Nov 1931 - 09 Feb 1984 (PFC US Army Korea, son of Aime & Viola)

Laurent: 01 Jul 1907 - 07 Feb 1989 (spouse of Viola Sauve)
Viola [Sauve]: 18 Mar 1912 - 15 Jun 2000 (spouse of Laurent)

Mose: 1857 - 1941 (spouse of Elsie Longchamp and of Priscilla Vincent)
Priscilla [Vincent]: 1867 - 1926 (1st spouse of Mose, no dates on marker)
Elsie [Longchamp]: 1876 - 1944 (2nd spouse of Mose; her birth year was actually 1873; given name was Elise)

Donald E: 20 Aug 1927 - 20 Jul 1970

Edmond F: 08 Jan 1880 - 13 Mar 1966 (spouse of Mary Louise Sauve)
Mary Louise [Sauve]: 10 Nov 1887 - 20 Jun 1967 (spouse of Edmond F)

Theodore J "Ted": 04 Aug 1905 - 10 Jan 1987 m 01 May 1928 (spouse of Peri L Kroum)
Peri L [Kroum]: 06 Oct 1908 - 14 Jun 1997 (spouse of Theodore J)

Fabien: 22 Jul 1853 - 02 May 1928 (spouse of Salome LaBerge)
Salome [Laberge]: 01 Nov 1857 - 29 May 1938 (spouse of Fabien)
Olivine: 1881 - 15 Apr 1961 (daughter of Fabien & Salome, Sister of Charity, no dates on marker)

Regimbal, Francis "
Xavier": 14 Jul 1885 - 28 Dec 1962 (spouse of Anna Quesnell)
Anna [Quesnell]: 14 May 1887 - 10 Oct 1956 (spouse of Francis Xavier)
Robert A "Bob": 26 Sep 1919 - 19 Jun 1982 (US Navy WW II, son of Xavier & Anna)
Ann Clementine: 27 Nov 1912 - 13 Jan 1997 (daughter of Xavier & Anna, Sister of Charity)
Roy: 10 Apr 1917 - 01 Dec 1918 (infant son of Xavier & Anna)

Donat: 1893 - 1928 (spouse of Hazel Rose Clemens)
Hazel Rose [Clemens]: 1895 - 21 Jan 1960 (spouse of Donat)
Regimbal, Baby
Paul: 11 Sep 1921 - 24 Dec 1922 (infant son of Donat & Hazel)

Hortence: 07 Feb 1908 - 17 Jul 1908 (daughter of Alberic Perrault & Mamie Regimbal)
(age 5 months, buried with
Grandparents, Zephirin and Philomene Perrault, tombstone is very weathered)

Jerome R: 30 May 1909 - 24 Nov 1963 (son of Alberic & Mamie, spouse of Alice L)
Alice L: 07 Jan 1909 - 05 Sep 1994 (spouse of Jerome R)

Ralph Harold: 27 Feb 1915 - 15 Nov 1987 (son of Alberic & Mamie, spouse of Bernice "Val", b 26-Sep-1925)

Frank L (Leo Francis): 24 Jul 1918 - 08 Jul 2008 (son of Alberic & Mamie, spouse of Virginia Ginny)
Perrault, F
Virginia (Ginny): 12 Aug 1918 - 14 Jul 1990 (spouse of Frank L)
Joseph: 02 Sep 1949 - 01 Sep 1949 (infant son of Frank & Virginia)

Leslie Joseph: 31 Oct 1919 - 25 Apr 1994 (son of Alberic & Mamie, spouse of Jane V, b 19-Oct-1921)

Leonard J: 12 Apr 1922 - 22 Dec 1970 (son of Alberic & Mamie, Cpl US Army WW II)

Monica Mary: 04 Nov 1923 - 12 Nov 1987 (daughter of Alberic & Mamie)

Bernard James: 22 Dec 1928 - 30 Sep 1996 (son of Alberic & Mamie, spouse Dolores Patterson, b 05-Sep-1931)
Gregory James: 08 Oct 1964 - 08 Oct 1969 (grandson of Bernard & Dolores)

Richard J: 27 Jun 1933 - 16 Aug 1990 (Cpl US Army Korea)

infant: 20 Sep 1937 - 20 Sep 1937 (infant of Mr & Mrs Harry Perrault)

CALVARY CEMETERY - 1405 S. 24th Avenue - Yakima, Washington

Calvary Cemetery is located on the left of 24th Ave as you drive south from W Nob Hill Blvd. It has 3 entrances; the third
is open after office hours (graves of Avilla, Muriel & Helen are located in the NW lot, just south of the office parking area).

Hilaire; 1867 - 1928 (spouse of Sarah Regimbal)
Sarah [Regimbal]: 12 Nov 1875 - 08 Feb 1913 (daughter of Fabien & Salome, spouse of Hilaire)

Muriel Charlotte [Hutchings]: 16 Jun 1899 - 20 Jan 1986 (spouse of Avilla)
Avilla Hilaire: 17 Oct 1895 - 28 May 1987 (grandson, Fabien & Salome Regimbal; son of Sarah; spouse of Muriel)

CALVARY CEMETERY  - 5041 35th NE - Seattle, King County, Washington

Perrault, Yvonne "Sister Bernard Maria": 1917 -  2007

Perrault, Florence "Sister Bernice Marie": 1913 - 1994

Perrault, Ethelreda "Sister Reda": 1916 - 2003

Roy, Emma Marie "Sister Mary Emily": 1905 - 1990



Thanks to Muriel and Avilla Fortier and to their son Robert and daughter in law, Grace Fortier

*Special thanks to Sandra (Regimbal) Martin and Sylvia (Regimbal) Strang for sharing their findings, especially the
"missing link" who was the father of Pierre (1804). That discovery led them to Geraud, our French countryman who was
formerly called George in earlier family documentation, and to a host of other relations now included in the chart.


17 Jun 2008 - Added information about Sister Joanna (Desneige Regimbal)
22 Aug 2008 - Added Salome & Alberic Perrault's children and Regimbal, Perrault and Fortier family grave data and photos
03 Oct 2008 - Added Giraud and Marie-Louise Audet dit Lapointe and earlier ancestors to the text - Sandra & Sylvia [Reg]
09 Oct 2008 - Added copies of 3 documents to the margin - found on the following web site:
06 Jul  2010 - Added Scholastique's burial place.
    - Discovery that she came to Crookston with her children was made by Yves Daoust.  Thanks Yves!
07 Jul  2010 - Added maiden name and actual birth year for 'Elsie', 2nd wife of Mose Regimbal - Yyves Daoust


[1] Excerpts from a family history given by Muriel and Avilla Fortier to their daughter in law, Grace Fortier

2] The city of North Yakima was formed in 1886 after the Northern Pacific Railroad established a passenger station and
freight concession there. The original town of Yakima lay 4 miles to the south and east and was incorporated in 1883. It
is now known as Union Gap. North Yakima became the present day city of Yakima in 1918 when the Washington State
legislature dropped "North" from its name.

3] Moxee is a city in Yakima County, in the Yakima metro area. The community name derives from an Indian term for
"whirlwinds". Hops are grown in the fields surrounding the town and are celebrated with the annual Moxee Hop Festival
in August.

4] Catholique Vocational Order Abbreviations {The Sisters of Providence were both teachers and nurses. Both the FCSP
and SP designations refer to the same order of nuns, founded by Mother Gamelin in Montreal. - thanks to Susan H.}

    OSB   Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines)
    FCSP Filles de Charite, Servantes des Pauvres (Sisters of Charity of Providence) hospitaliers
    SP     Servantes des Pauvres (Sisters of Providence) professeurs

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